Can You Wear Basketball Shoes For Running 2021 ? – Short Guide

Can you wear basketball shoes for running? Here in our guide, we’ll answer your question. Indeed, basketball is a physically demanding sport that involves running. However, you cannot simply wear basketball shoes for the marathon races.

Running shoes are specifically designed for running. In addition, you will be running smoothly and fast with running shoes only. So there is no comparison of the running shoes with basketball shoes because they have different materials and construction.

Additionally, the basketball shoes can be worn casually but only for running on shorter distances.

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes For Running Every day?

No, the basketball sport doesn’t fit for everyday jogging or running. There are a lot of dissimilarities between basketball and running shoes that we’ll discuss in our guide.

Basketball Shoes

Most of the basketball shoes have a high-top design. On top of that, basketball shoes will provide better ankle support. You will not have any foot strains with a basketball shoe. Besides that, basketball shoes will prevent foot injuries.

Best of all, you can make quick foot movements with basketball shoes without any fear of injuries. Even you will be landing on the ground without feeling any impact on the feet with basketball shoes. Other than that, basketball shoes reduce the chances of foot strains.

Running Shoes

The running shoes are made of lightweight material, and they have breathable sole as well. Although basketball shoes have a breathable lining on the shoes, indoor court shoes don’t have vent lining. The running shoes don’t provide ankle support because runners don’t need that.

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes For Running

Moreover, the running shoes will not protect the feet from quick movements or strains because it doesn’t have ankle support. Most of the running shoes have a low-top design.

All the running shoes have softer material, and they have a wide toe box area. You will have less impact on the feet with the running shoes. No doubt, running exerts three times more weight on the feet of the whole body.

Difference Between The Traction Of Running And Basketball Shoes

Traction is one of the major differences between running and basketball shoes. The tread pattern is known as the traction of the shoe. Besides, the tread pattern of the basketball shoes will protect the feet from injuries and strains.

On the other hand, running shoes don’t have similar traction as basketball shoes. Thus, you cannot use running shoes for playing basketball. There will be more chances of injuries with running shoes on the basketball court.

All Shoes Are Different

All types of shoes have different types. Moreover, you need to know the type of shoes before using them for a particular purpose. Besides that, if we compare the design of running shoes with basketball shoes, they differ a lot.

The running shoes have a sleek design, and they are designed for long term running. In fact, you will have more speed while running with running shoes. These shoes are designed to provide flexibility to the feet. Besides, running shoes are much lighter than basketball shoes.

On the other side, basketball shoes are designed to make quick cuts. Also, you will be jumping comfortably with basketball shoes because they provide ankle support. The basketball shoes will absorb the impacts and keep the feet comfortable as well.

Each shoe is different and protects the foot area in different ways.

Pick The Right Shoe

It is significant to pick the right shoes according to the wearer’s needs. The running shoes are lightweight, and they provide less support than basketball shoes. The running shoes don’t have excessive cushioning, but they are ideal for concrete surfaces.

On the other side, basketball shoes have excessive cushioning at the heel. However, the downside of the basketball shoes is that they put more pressure on the ankle, resulting in plantar fasciitis.

Running shoes are a lot more comfortable than tennis and basketball shoes. On top of that, the running shoes should matter for those people who run for longer distances. The causal runners with basketball shoes won’t have any issue.

Running With Basketball Shoes

The basketball shoes are designed for running, and you shouldn’t wear it every day. There are a lot of drawbacks to wearing basketball shoes for running. Thus, you should avoid wearing basketball shoes for running.

Indeed, all basketball shoes are heavy, and you will have fatigue after running with them. In consequence, it makes no sense to wear basketball shoes for running every day.

Do you know that running shoes will not absorb the shock or impacts of basketball shoes? But you don’t need that feature while running on the concrete surfaces. All running shoes have a lightweight sole that prevent pain after a long run.

The point to note is that running shoes are affordable, and they are extremely lightweight than basketball shoes. Buy shoes with heel cushioning to protect the feet from injuries. Also, you need to consider lightweight shoes while running on sand and other concretes.

To Sum Up

Now that we have replied to your question, can you wear basketball shoes for running? Make your decision wisely while wearing the shoes for running to prevent injuries. However, you can wear basketball shoes for short-term running.

Certainly, basketball shoes will not protect from the impacts while running. Besides, you need to buy a pair of running shoes because they are designed for running. Nevertheless, if you need an alternative to running shoes, wear basketball shoes for shorter running periods.

Still Confused For More:-

It is imperative to note if you feel pain in any lower part of your body while running with any shoes. Try changing your shoes to avoid pain and strain. But then again, you will have more pressure on the feet while running with basketball shoes because they are heavier.

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