Can You Use Indoor Basketball Shoes In Outdoor Courts? – Short Guide

Can you use indoor basketball shoes in outdoor? No, because they have different construction than outdoor basketball shoes. Additionally, indoor shoes do not have to thicker rubber sole or excessive cushioning.

Besides that, the grip of every shoe is different from the others. However, you can play a few times with indoor basketball shoes on outdoor courts, but they will wear out very quickly.

Can You Use Indoor Basketball Shoes In Outdoor Every Day?

The maximum lifespan of indoor basketball shoes will decrease if you use them outdoor. Hardly, indoor basketball shoes will last for 45 hours of running. Certainly, you would need to replace the indoor basketball shoes after 300 miles.

Indoor Basketball Shoes

It doesn’t matter how good a player you are because if you are wearing the wrong shoes, your performance won’t be the best. Shoes play a huge role in performance at any sports game. The toe area of  basketball shoes should also be spacious because the player will be making different kicks.

Nevertheless, you must wear shoes according to your playing type. To avoid injuries, you need to wear the right shoes, according to the court. There will be a significant difference after changing the shoes or wearing the right shoes on the court.

All the shoes will not last for a similar period. Rough games will make the shoes wear out very soon than other games. Apart from that, you can wear basketball shoes casually, but we suggest wearing outdoor basketball shoes.

Lifespan Of Indoor And Outdoor Basketball Shoes

The lifespan of indoor and outdoor basketball shoes is almost the same. Yet, if you wear basketball shoes roughly every day, it will not last according to the average lifespan.

Other than that, if you want to wear or tear the basketball shoes, only then wear it on the outdoor courts.

Outdoor basketball shoes


Generally, the indoor basketball shoes will fade on the outdoor surfaces very soon. Also, indoor basketball shoes require more care and cleaning. You need to clean the indoor shoes often to protect the sides from wear and tear.

On the other side, indoor shoes will not withstand concrete surfaces. Moreover, the indoor basketball shoes can’t maintain their grip on high temperature. The indoor basketball shoes will not last more than a few months if you wear them on outdoor surfaces.

So if you are thinking, can you use indoor basketball shoes in outdoor? It is a bad option. The design and construction of indoor shoes are quite different from outdoor shoes. The shoes will also not provide the exact grip if you wear them on the wrong surface type.

Most importantly, it is imperative to wear the right shoes on the right surface to avoid injuries. Besides that, the outdoor basketball shoes‘ maximum lifespan is nine months if you use them roughly.

Let us remind you again that you cannot wear any shoes on any surface. It will increase the risk of injuries if you wear the wrong shoes on the court.

Also, indoor shoes will absorb the impact differently from outdoor basketball shoes. Nonetheless, indoor shoes do not have durable material, so they don’t last long.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Which Are The Most Selling Indoor Basketball Shoes?

Below are the most selling indoor basketball shoes:

  • Nike Lebron Soldi
  • Air Jordan XXXIV
  • Nike Lebron Soldi
  • Adidas Harden Vol. 1
  • Under Armor Hovr Havoc 2
  • Nike Zoom KD 12

How To Pick The Right Indoor Basketball Shoes?

You need to pick the shoes according to your playing style. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying indoor or outdoor basketball shoes, playing style matters. If you are one of the all-rounder players, then buy basketball shoes with a medium amount of cushioning and support.

Other than that, the aggressive players wear heavier shoes with excessive cushioning. Also, the aggressive players of basketball should buy shoes that offer exceptional protection.

Should Indoor Basketball Shoes Have Tight Fitting?

No, basketball shoes should have snug-fitting, and there should be space for the toes as well.

Moreover, the shoes with tight-fitting will make the feet hurt, and toes will swell. It is good to have loose shoes than tight-fitting. However, if the shoes are losing, you can wear another pair of socks. Wearing tight shoes will increase the risk of slipping on the court.

What Is The Core Difference Between Outdoor And Indoor Basketball Shoes?

There is not only one difference between outdoor and indoor basketball shoes. The main difference is traction. All the outdoor basketball shoes have hard sole and traction. Also, the sole of outdoor basketball shoes is made of rubber.

On the other side, indoor basketball shoes aren’t hard, but they have a rubber sole. The indoor basketball shoes have a smooth sole, but the outdoor shoes have a rubber sole with a thick pattern.


All in all, you can wear indoor basketball shoes on indoor surfaces only. These kinds of shoes don’t have a hard sole, and they don’t have excessive cushioning. However, indoor basketball shoes are ideal for all-rounder players. Remember that indoor basketball shoes aren’t for powerful players.

The drawback of indoor basketball shoes is that they don’t last long. In fact, all shoes aren’t impacting absorbing. A few indoor basketball shoes need break-in time. Above, we have stated the best indoor shoes for playing basketball to improve the court’s performance.

In addition to this, you can have an extra pair of indoor basketball shoes because they wear out sooner than outdoor basketball shoes. However, your shoes might last longer than other players if their playing type is different.

At last, you need to check the shoes before wearing them because if they break-in at the meantime of the game, you can have severe foot injuries.

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